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Jeepers Creepers® are durable perennial plants.
Their low spreading habit makes them ideal for use as a groundcover, lawn substitute, pathway or edging plant. If you select varieties rated hardy to your region, then they should come back each year.

Jeepers Creepers®
are exclusively grown by 
Gulley Greenhouse
Fort Collins, Colorado


Have Fun! Be Creative!
You will be amazed  with what you can do with our large variety of ground cover plants.

Pictured: Sagina: Irish Moss and Scotch Moss

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Terms and Conditions



The cost of shipping and handling is included in the price of your plants. We’ll ship your plants via FedEx early in the week so they arrive before the weekend. We only ship to full addresses as FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box. If you have special requirements for shipping please let us know when you purchase your plants. Getting our plants to you in perfect shape is what we strive to do.




We guarantee that the plants you receive are true to name and healthy. We will only ship well rooted plants that cover most of the container surface. We grow at lower temperatures so the plants are acclimated to conditions they’ll find when you plant them.  If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the plants you receive contact us within 7 days so we can work with you to determine the problem and solutions. Your satisfaction is our goal.


Un-packing your order


Please unpack your plants as soon as possible. We work hard to package the plants so they’ll arrive in good shape but handling during transit can cause the healthiest plants to suffer.  Immediately remove the packing materials and check your plants for moisture. Water lightly and hold in a cool location in part shade until you are ready to plant. You can generally hold your plants for up to two weeks if the conditions outdoors are too inclement.


When should I have my plants shipped?


Find out when the last frost date is for your area and order two or three weeks prior to this date. Generally, spring and fall are the best times to plant your Jeepers Creepers.  Check the hardiness zone of the plant varieties you are purchasing to make sure they will thrive in your location. You can give us a specific ship date or wait until 2 to 3 weeks prior to last frost date to ship. The plant information on the website will give you the zone of each plant which will help you decide on the appropriate ship date.

Orders received before Friday will ship the following Monday (unless we have reached volume capacity for the week).  Orders received after this time will ship the next weeks Monday


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