WHAT ARE Jeepers Creepers®?
Jeepers Creepers® are durable perennial plants. Their low spreading habit makes them ideal for use as a groundcover, lawn substitute, pathway or edging plant. Some types will even tolerate foot traffic!
With colorful flowers or leaves, these plants offer unique design possibilities. Plants will quickly fill in awkward corners. Certain types offer an easy solution for shady sites or baking hot sun. By covering the ground in a dense mat, mulching requirements are reduced.
Replace thirsty lawns with an attractive and drought-tolerant living carpet! A less demanding lawn alternative allows you to reduce your water, fertilizer, pesticide and mowing requirements. Jeepers Creepers® are a particularly good solution for steep slopes.
Add an attractive finishing touch to highlight your creative stone or woodwork. Fragrant-leaved selections will release a pleasant scent when walked on.
Cascading types of Jeepers Creepers® are excellent in containers where they can spill over the edges or fill in between other plants. More vigorous types are great for planting with bulbs to help cover up holes left by dying foliage. These low plants are the ideal size for the front edge of a flower border.

Plant cells and  plant trays sizes explained:

There are 4 individual plant cells in each Jeepers Creepers 4-pack.

Our colorful purple colored plant cells are 2.35" long, 1.5" wide at the top and 2.33" deep.
That's 3.48 fluid ounces per cell, 13.93 fl oz per 4-pack.
Our minimum plant order is a 1/2 tray. That's 24 individual plant cells (6 4-packs)

Quantity discounts:
The more Jeepers Creepers plant trays you buy, the more you save!
For example buy a 1/2 tray (24 plants) at $70, but purchase a full tray (48 plants) at $114
and you save $24!
Your savings get better the more plants that you purchase.

Between the months of March through October, we ship your live plants FREE via Federal Express. Please note that we time our shipments carefully so they do not ship over the weekend and perhaps sit in a truck or warehouse waiting for delivery. We want your Jeepers Creepers delivered to you fresh and ready to plant. If you have questions contact our friendly customer service department.

We guarantee to ship only the healthiest, happiest plants from our house to yours. We take great pride in our quality and want nothing more than for the plants to come out of the box the same way they went in. If you have any concerns about your delivery, please let us know within 72 hours of arrival and we will be happy to replace or refund any sad plants. Our happiness depends on yours! We appreciate your understanding that we cannot be responsible for acts of nature, pest invasions or mishandling of plants after delivery..
Orders received before Wednesday will ship the following Monday. Orders received after this time will ship the next weeks Monday. A customer representative will contact you if shipping needs to be delayed due to the hot summer weather or for any other reason.
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